Sunday, October 7, 2007

A week late, but better than never

Back in my days addicted to myspace, I used to attempt to post some thoughts every couple of days that were reflective of how I was feeling. Since then I've moved from Myspace (I still have one, but really never check it) to Facebook, and through some people I know found this as a great spot to blog.

One week ago today, we had the first ever event for WFX, which we called "Starting Point", and it was taped for Pay Per View, and will air in early January. WFX stands for the Wrestling Fan Xperience. It's a concept where the company is committed to enhancing a paying customers enjoyment of a live event, when the come to WFX. Lots of wrinkles remain to iron out, but overall I was very happy with the event. There were far more positives than negatives. This show will also act as our "pilot" for Television networks and station worldwide.

I've been in the wrestling business for 12 years, starting on August 3, 1995 as a referee for Wayne Stanton's River City Wrestling. I've probably been apart of close to 500 events in that time, though I don't really keep track. I've had many highs and many lows in that 12 years. One time appearing on a show at St. Norbert Community Club in front of 12 fans for Canadian Wrestling Federation would be a low. But the highs have always centred around getting to meet and work with very fine individuals that create experience in life that make for some great stories. Last Sunday was no different.

This was absolutely the best crew I will ever work with. Here's a run down of who performed on the show:

Wavell Starr defeated Joey Mercury (of MNM fame in WWE). The Vanilla Gorillas (Synn & Johnny Handsome) beat Kevyn Chevy & AJ Styles. Darren Dalton beat Danny Duggan. Grand Master Sexay Brian Christopher defeated Scotty Mac (who is so ready for the big time it's not funny). Buff Bagwell & Special E (Eugene of WWE fame) defeated Gangrel & Black Pearl (a vampire and dracula character). Adam Knight pinned Donnie Douglas, but then lost an impromptu special challenge from Samoan Savage (who used to be The Tonga Kid/Islander Tama in WWF). Ultimo Dragon beat Kenny Omega after 25 minutes. Angel Williams was victorious over Talia Madison both of these girls are PIPING HOT. Orlando Jordan pinned Jon Heidenreich. And Kishi Fatu beat Andrew Martin. Refs were Kelly Russell and Chris Marxwell. Ring Announcer was Mike Arnott. Backstage help included but not limited to agents Stan Saxon & Shawn Houston, with help from Andrew Shallcross. Ronnie Attitude did music, and Jay did backstage photography. Tony Condello was there to help if needed. I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Anyway, to properly thank some people for the contributions I have to dig a little bit deeper. The biggest thank you has to go to wrestler Kevyn Chevy. Kevyn is in my humble opinion the most naturally gifted wrestler in Winnipeg. It never seems like he has to try, and he always gives a great performance. The guy can sell as good as anyone, and he just has presence in the ring. He moves near flawlessly for a 300 pound guy. The Wednesday before the show Kev called me to inquire as to which ring we were using. I told him we got a brand new 18 footer from Highspots and he asked who was setting it up. Once I told him who, he said "I'll come down there when they set it up to make sure it gets up properly." What other wrestler would ever make such an offer. The list is pretty small. And better yet the ring crew got the ring set up in 30 minutes with the event floor getting shuffled from Erin Brockovich speaking to accommodate wrestling. Kev will always have an open invitation to wrestle on any show I'm involved with.

Both the Vanilla Gorillas came into Winnipeg on the Friday to assist with any last minute plans that needed to be put together. They were both immensely helpful and I couldn't have asked for two more helpful professionals.

Adam Knight oversaw backstage segment production. He's very good at it, and it adds incredible workload to his day including wrestling. But he always gets the job done.

Darren Dalton spent all day Saturday calling me asking me if there was anything he could take off my plate. Go figure, not one of my closest friends, but willing to unselfishly do his part to get the job done. Additionally he made sure that the talent had a great time at Alive on Saturday night, which was a great time out.

AJ Styles, Donnie Douglas and Danny Duggan were all professional and did anything asked of them.

Kenny Omega put forth a near 30 minute effort with Ultimo Dragon. He didn't show signs of being nervous, and had a stellar performance.

Saxon, Houston and Andrew were so very helpful backstage, masking my usual disorganization, they were calm, professional and efficient. Backstage that was the best production team I've worked with yet.

All the imported talent, from Scotty Mac, who is always first class, to Buff and Kishi two very close friends, to Angel and Talia, they made the show a gigantic success in terms of a pilot. Heidenreich, easily one of the nicest guys ever. Brian Christopher, night and day from my previous experience, and someone who seems to care about the overall success of the show. Ultimo Dragon who all around was exactly what you would want in a professional. Test, who watched the show and offered feedback. Joey Mercury and Eugene both offered incredible quality to the show. Orlando and TK were both stand up as well.

I may never have a professional moment that I'm as proud of, but that was an amazing "Starting Point" for a wrestling company.

As hired entertainment for One World United, we got to take the stage with the likes of Bob Proctor from "The Secret", Erin Brockovich, musical acts, Jet Set Satellite and Great White. It was a tremendous experience.

Plenty of improvements to be made for next time. We only had 200 fans out on a Sunday night against the NFL, and we didn't do enough to advertise the event. In the end though, we have an amazing video, and the positives far out weigh any negatives.